Lamia's Devotion

Coming Soon

Frances stars in Justin Meyer's upcoming film, Lamia's Devotion, a tale of horror centered on a cult of Greek mythology's Lamia. Stay tuned for release date . . . 

"Shall Lamia in our sight her sons devour,

And give them back alive the self-same hour?"


Matt & Dave Are So Depressed

Matt & Dave Are So Depressed follows the lives of two roommates who kinda just sit around all day or whatever. In this awesome comedic series, Frances plays love interest/ neighbor, Kelly. Support the show and demand its presence on your favorite television channel to see more hilarity, intrigue, and Kelly.

Click above to meet Kelly (Frances) in this 20 second clip from Season 1.

Click above to see a clip of the ongoing awkwardness with Dave in this 35 second Season 2 clip.

Click above to watch full episode: "The Masturbatrix" 

*Recommended*: this episode is full of Kelly (Frances)!

Click above to watch full episode: "That Kelly Girl"

Magus Arcana

Frances stars as a music box ballerina emerging from her weathered coffer in this artistic piece by Kristy Fung. Click play to watch a preview. 

Happy Endings

Frances appears as Zoe in ABC's "More Like Stanksgiving" episode of Happy Endings. When the gang celebrates Thanksgiving at Alex and Dave's new apartment, Max brings along a tape of Brad and him on "The Real World," and everyone recalls how they met ten years ago.

Official Set Photos:

Hello Ladies

Watch Frances play a network exec in HBO's Hello Ladies, a comedy series starring Stephen Merchant as an Englishman looking for love in modern Los Angeles.

Tales From The Floating World

Click above to see the story arc of Nera, played by Frances, in this 2 minute reel

Click above to watch the full 12 minute film

Click above to whet your appetite with this 16 second preview

In this beautiful short film written and directed by Suzanne Strong, a young idealistic musician (David Huynh) and a lonely young photographer (Frances Parsons) flee the isolating hustle of the city for the magic of the desert to find each other as soul mates through near misses and serendipity in this circular tale of loss and longing.

Promotional/Behind the Scenes Photos:

Photo by Suzanne Strong

Photo by Suzanne Strong

Photo by Suzanne Strong

Photo by Suzanne Strong

Photo by Suzanne Strong

Photo by Suzanne Strong

Photo by Suzanne Strong

Photo by Suzanne Strong

Photo by Suzanne Strong

Photo by Suzanne Strong

Photo by Suzanne Strong

Photo by Suzanne Strong

Suzanne Strong and FP
Suzanne Strong and FP
Storyboards by Mark Hayward
Storyboards by Mark Hayward

Tiny Saddles

Frances plays a bumbling, love-struck villain in the brief reel for this comedic western.

Not All Who


In this clip from Elena Stephenson's short film, the infatuated Natasha (Frances) invites her coworker to a party.

Rolling High

Frances plays Missy, a quirky coffee shop worker, in this series about four friends embarking on adventures in a fantasy game paralleling their real lives. 

Click above to meet Missy (Frances) in this clip from Episode 2

Click above to watch a clip

of Missy (Frances) from Episode 4

Mystery at Lafayette House

Frances co-stars as a secretary in this NYLON TV clip from Rachel Antonoff's fashion week murder mystery.