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It's the end of the world. Only one witch can save us. And she's drunk.

Frances stars as Aisling, a snarky witch begrudgingly saving humanity in the upcoming feature film, Blood Magick, now in post-production.


Frances stars as Rose, a creepy cult leader summoning an ancient horror in...

Matt & Dave Season 1 Reel
Matt & Dave Season 1 Reel
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Matt & Dave Season 2 Reel
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Matt & Dave Are So Depressed - Episode 1: "The Masturbatrix
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In this irreverent dark comedy, Frances plays Kelly, Dave's reticent neighbor who is wary of his affections but has her own twisted obsessions.

Meet Kelly (Frances) in this 20 second clip from Season 1.

Witness ongoing awkwardness with Dave in this reel of Kelly's Season 2 arc. (SPOILERS)

Watch "The Masterbatrix" full episode. *Recommended*

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In this clip from Elena Stephenson's short film, the infatuated Natasha (Frances) invites her coworker to a party.

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Frances stars as a curious ballerina emerging from her weathered coffer in this preview of Kristy Fung's artistic piece.

Frances appears as Zoe, the sassy [fictional] Real World Sacramento cast member in ABC's "More Like Stanksgiving" Episode of Happy Endings

Now streaming on Hulu.

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Frances plays a network exec in HBO's Hello Ladies, a comedy series from Stephen Merchant about a lonely Englishman desperately trying to infiltrate L.A.'s glamorous social scene.